OUR LIVES · Improvised storytelling mixed with improvised theatre and drawings

A very unique afternoon when two experienced improvisers explore their lives and cultures as well as differences and similarities. Residents in each their country, but both in the EU they are both very different and very similar. What stories do they store and what are we going to hear? Experience them creating amazing scenic moments of poetry, depth and humor. Everything created in this moment. Visual artist Tea Bendix draws the moments during different passages. This afternoon is probably mainly in English but also a good mix of Danish and Slovak.


Mia Møller, Danish improviser

Lukas Tandara, Slovakian improviser 

Tea Bendix, Copenhagen based visual artist


booking Mia Møller


Foto Tea Bendix · Besttellers 4. November 2018



OUR Lives  Bådteatret august 2018



S E   F L E R E   E K S E M P L E R   P Å